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Workplace, WorkCover and Medicolegal

Neurosensory can assist with a broad range of workplace and medicolegal hearing matters.

Neurosensory have a long-standing reputation for providing comprehensive and reliable hearing health services, reports and recommendations. As an accredited WorkCover provider we do this work in accordance with all statutory requirements under the WorkCover scheme. We also provide medicolegal assessments for common law claims.

Recent legislation changes aimed at preventing hearing problems requires employers to assess noise levels in the workplace, monitor the hearing health of exposed workers through analysis of audiometric testing, ensure personal protective equipment is operationally effective and also provide information, training and instruction to workers.

Neurosensory has the expertise, equipment and facilities, to provide all services needed to meet an employer’s requirements.

ENT specialist explaining test results to a patient

What Services do Neurosensory Provide?

Working in partnership with Neurosensory, employers can be rest assured they will be equipped to effectively manage their risks, and not harm their workers.

  • Noise assessments;
  • Pre- and post-employment hearing screenings in a Neurosensory clinic;
  • On-site hearing screenings, which includes an assessment of middle ear function;
  • Analysis of audiometric results and noise assessments, including advice on suitable controls to ensure hearing is protected;
  • Education and training for workplace health and safety managers and workers;
  • Advice and recommendations on, and supply of, operationally effective hearing protection and communication devices.  The challenge is for speech to be heard, while excessive noise is suppressed, enabling communication in noisy environments;
  • Direct referral pathway to Neurosensory clinics and our aligned Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons.

What Should I do Next?

To contact us regarding workplace services, WorkCover or medicolegal services, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513.