How We Can Help

Neurosensory believes that staying happy and healthy is about being connected with others, and being able to interact with the world.

If you or a loved one are looking for help with your hearing, we provide the most advanced diagnostic and hearing health solutions available.

Hearing Testing

Our hearing and balance tests are of the highest standard. We work closely with our aligned ENT specialists to offer holistic and comprehensive assessments and solutions.
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Hearing Aids

Neurosensory provide the broadest range of hearing aids to suit your individual needs. We provide free, no-obligation trials, and we don't pay our audiologists commissions on sales.
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Free Hearing Test Online

Use our screening test to get a simple and effective indication to the presence of any hearing loss.
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Cochlear Implants

If you are suffering from a severe hearing loss and hearing aids are not meeting your hearing needs, then cochlear implants may be the best option for you.
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Tinnitus and Treatments

Comprehensive tinnitus assessments, and scientifically proven tinnitus treatment and management programs available.
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ENT Specialists

We partner with over 65 Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons throughout Australia, to provide you with the highest quality hearing health care possible.
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Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Advanced diagnostic equipment, specially designed to detect a whole range of dizziness and balance disorders.
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Learning Difficulties

If your child is showing some signs of Auditory Processing Disorder, managing the condition gives your child a better chance to learn and experience childhood to the fullest.
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Why Trust Neurosensory

Talented Experience

Independently owned by Australia’s leading Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, we are committed to the highest standards of hearing healthcare.

Neurosensory was established over 40 years ago through a medical partnership between ENT’s, and Senior Audiologists for complete hearing healthcare.


We have built an outstanding reputation in hearing health by always helping our clients to achieve their maximum hearing capability.


We start with listening to our clients, so we can understand what they are experiencing.
We then use our skills, knowledge and experience to tailor unique solutions for them.

Solutions Focused

We recommend the best possible solutions without compromise.


Our diagnostic services are comprehensive, accurate and timely.
Our treatment solutions are innovative, ethical and independent of commissions.


– Independent of hearing aid manufacturers
– Represent all brands and styles of hearing aids
– No sales commissions paid to our Audiologists
– Free, no obligation, hearing aid trials
– Free services for eligible Pension and DVA recipients
– Recognised for healthcare industry rebates
– Aftercare programs and support

True to our word

At Neurosensory, we work hard to deliver a positive patient experience, because Neurosensory and its ENT partners care.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all our services and products.

Hearing Loss and You

Hearing loss can be gradual and typically occurs over many years. In the early stages, it isn’t always obvious but can still impact on communication and quality of life.

Hearing loss is not uncommon, with 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 60 experiencing hearing difficulties.

Recognise the early signs to look out for, typical causes and some tips on managing a hearing loss.