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Neurosensory is committed to providing the highest quality hearing health care available to patients.

We use advanced hearing and balance assessment technology, as well as the most up-to-date resources, to support correct diagnoses and tailored hearing solutions.

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Referral Form

Before referring your patient to Neurosensory, you will need to complete a hearing test referral form so that your patient can claim a full Medicare rebate. Neurosensory has an electronic hearing test referral template available. Please either save or print directly from the attached PDFs.

Queensland/Northern NSW Referral PDF

New South Wales Referral PDF

Victoria/Tasmania Referral PDF

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Referral Guide

Our user-friendly hearing test referral guide outlines the symptoms of common hearing and balance problems and the details of the tests we perform. If your patient is reporting hearing issues, you can refer to this guide to select which Neurosensory hearing test you require for your patients. The guide also contains a list of our ENT Partners and their specialities, so you can confidently refer your patient where they need to go.

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