Stuart’s Story

I’ve worked with Neurosensory for over 15 years and specialise in Vestibular (balance) testing and Auditory Processing assessments with children.   I actually stumbled into this field unaware. I received a letter encouraging students to apply to study Audiology while at university and that’s how it all came about.

I obtained an Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy before doing honours in Auditory Neuropsychology. Following that I commenced studying Audiology. I really enjoy the interactions with my clients and helping them to understand what is happening with their ears.
Supporting new graduates as they learn is also very rewarding.

One thing I’ve learnt from my clients is that they’re motivated to attend appointments for many different reasons, and understanding their motivation is important. Being ready for intervention and getting to a solution is a big part of the job. I see a client who brings a box of chocolates to every appointment. She has mild to moderate hearing loss, and until recently was attending a lot of medical appointments to support her husband. The hearing aids we’ve fitted have helped her significantly with understanding the important information doctors were providing to manage his illness. She’s been incredibly grateful for the help we’ve provided, as well as the attention and time we’ve given her. It’s made a real difference.