Alex’s Story

With a background in Bio-Medical Science, Audiology is something that interested me as I like the idea of specializing in a small part of the body, within a field where you can see clients regularly and develop relationships over time. I’m in my sixth year at Neurosensory.

I took some time out recently to work as a locum audiologist with Northern Territory Health, performing outreach work with indigenous populations. It was really interesting and something I’ve always wanted to do.  The work involved traveling in tiny planes to some really remote communities.  I did a lot of hearing screening and I worked alongside a nurse to manage ear health.

As an audiologist, I really enjoy challenging people’s preconceived ideas about hearing health care and getting people back to doing the things that they love. When you see someone you’ve helped, and they tell you about their improved self-confidence and how much more active they are, it’s really rewarding. What we do at Neurosensory and as Audiologists is really important not only for maintaining a great quality of life, but for healthy ageing as well.

Cover photo: Ubirr in Kakadu national park, amazing rock art and spectacular sunset.
Photo in story: Whip Snake Gorge in the Bungle Bungles.