Alan’s Story

In the 1990s, I started wearing my first set of hearing aids and eventually [progressed] to my fifth set.  Each set of hearing aids were more complex and sophisticated than the previous, however as my hearing loss deteriorated they were not aiding my hearing loss in everyday life.

I then [enquired] about a cochlear implant, and in April 2012 had my first cochlear implant.  This changed my life, it was a miracle!  My speech recognition understanding went from 28% with hearing aids, to immediately after the cochlear implant switch on, to 88% and then 1 week later 92%, remarkable almost perfect hearing!  Prior to this, my wife Jan and I had discussed about the use of sign language to communicate with each other.

As my first cochlear implant was such a success, I asked my ENT surgeon Dr Brent McMonagle about a second implant and 4 months later went ahead with this.  Neurosensory clinician Alison Jackson turned on the second cochlear implant, it really has been life changing  ….I  now live a normal life, simple things like the confidence to go to a shopping mall on my own, answering my front door.  I can go everywhere on my own and it is a lot better for Jan and I, she doesn’t have to translate to me anymore.

Elderly patient having a hearing test